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DP - this is also something 2 other wanted badly

Hi Guys and Milorade,

Here are few small things things that would need attention.

1) Tasks not showing in calendar
i) Create task by clikcing on "Create task" in right margin area of main window.
ii) Set due date for task.
iii) Click on calendar in left margin of main window, and go to date you've just set for task.
iv) There is no any info about task for that date, and I would expect to see it there.
2) Task notifications are not "loud" enough.
i) Create task and set due date (preferably in close future)
ii) When due date arrives you will be notified by small notification in bottom left
corner of main window, which is ok when you are expexcting it there, buy I would expect more agressive - not blocking notificatoin, like red dot on Hiri icon.

3) Searching contacts, text disapears when changing search space.
i) Click on contacts icon in left margin of main window.
ii) Type in tearm to search by.
iii) Change contacts space in which to search (Contacts folder, GAL) and ytped text will desapear.

4) Contact information can not be copied to clipboard
i) Go to any contact details
ii) You can select, hardly, buy you can, contacts name and use Ctrl+C, to get it on clipboard, but e-mail is unselectable. Maybe copy-to-clipboard button would be useful that copies in format " John Doe "

That would be it.
In global I like siplicity of your porject and general idea that implements. I find feature that isolates new email very usefuly (window with e-mail check timer).
I will have some more comments in a few days.

Good luck, and keep good work

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  • Oct 28 2016
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