Port to aarch64 (ARM) Linux, which is what crostini uses on my Chromebook

Adding a port to aarch64 would allow Hiri uses to run on ARM-based Chromebooks. I have an Intel based Chromebook and I've been able to run Hiri with it using the tarball method, so it seems in theory it could work for another architecture on ChromeOS/Crostini, which is a Debian-based distro at its core.

gcc supports cross-compiling aarch64 from x86_64, so if you have a working x86_64 build system (which I'm assuming you do), you can use this system to generate the binaries, so you only need the aarm64 system for testing the binaries, not building them.

Installation stays pretty much the same, you start Crostini on the Chromebook, download the tarball, and install it.

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  • Mar 25 2020
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