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I would very much like a dark theme, Hiri is the only application I have installed in Linux that uses a light theme, and while the design in general is very nice, the bright light is making my eyes bleed.
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  • Aug 11 2017
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    11 May 04:40pm

    Please please please this. Literally every other app I use daily for work has a dark mode. Sad it's still not done :(

    I know it sounds dumb but this is kinda a dealbreaker for me. I spend all day looking at windows & dark mode isn't just pleasant, it's better for your eyes.

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    29 Mar, 2020 05:37pm

    A Dark theme is a must! All my other daily apps are in a dark theme, even Outlook! When Hiri comes up it blinds me.

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    18 Mar, 2020 09:03am

    It could be a very nice feature

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    13 Nov, 2019 06:36am

    A dark mode for Mac is essential for me and may be the key determinant as to whether I buy a licence after my trial period ends. 

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    7 Nov, 2019 09:06pm

    This would be wonderful. Hiri is wonderful but really needs a dark theme. It is the only window on my computer that has to be white with no way to change it. Please create a dark theme!

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    11 Oct, 2019 12:21pm

    It's important to realise that while you have a great product, it is still going to be mostly useless to those people who only use applications with a dark mode.... and there is a lot of us, and numbers are growing. Just look at all the flak that Slack received over the years for not having a dark mode in their clients, and people having to use it in a browser with Dark Reader enabled instead. I know companies that refused to pay for Slack until dark mode was available. In a similar vain, I find it hard to justify the purchase of your product while it is lacking a dark mode, so hope you will action this soon. I can see there are a lot of votes on this idea, as well as other related ideas, so I'm wondering if you're going to respond to the feedback with any plans for implementation?

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    26 Sep, 2019 03:26pm

    Dark mode would be great!

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    4 Jun, 2019 02:59pm

    Can we make this happen? This would be a big help.

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    16 May, 2019 04:07am


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    24 Apr, 2019 02:33pm

    I don't feel like any of these suggestions get any focus.  I'm rather shocked considering this is a paid application

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    8 Apr, 2019 08:08pm

    *Checks back YEARS later and still no dark theme*


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    4 Jan, 2019 06:36pm

    Is there any indication that this will be done at all? I am looking at recommending this to my office if there is a way to get a dark theme as most everyone here prefers that style.

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    17 Dec, 2018 03:15pm

    Please, please, please. Would love to see a dark theme. It's the first thing I looked for while evaluating the software. Is there a beta channel where we're trying this? I'd even take a direct inversion of the colors, even if it doesn't look super polished quite yet.

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    5 Dec, 2018 04:01pm

    I would love a dark theme! Go Hiri!

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    14 Nov, 2018 03:31pm

    Yes, dark theme and an alternating line colour for mails.

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    2 Nov, 2018 01:26pm


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    31 Oct, 2018 10:35am

    Agreed, I have the same problem while working from home in my office sometimes I have to work late hours and the brightness of the white theme is killing me :) voting for a dark theme!

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    28 Oct, 2018 10:22pm

    Adwaita Dark and Suru Dark like support for Linux would likely suffice for most linux users.

    Please, at least fix the SNAP to support icons in file dialog when Suru (the default in Ubuntu) is used.

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    16 Oct, 2018 08:41pm

    Support for Mojave Dark Mode would be ideal.

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    26 May, 2018 07:08pm

    Very seconded. It would be nice to get Hiri to respect the window manager's theming, but a simple dark mode or the ability to create/customize the Hiri theme would be an acceptable compromise.