Coronavirus Updates India COVID Tally Crosses 16 Lakh and the 55079 Positive Cases

Coronavirus has been wreaking havoc within the country and its drift has become more frightening. Coronavirus broke all previous records of each day on Friday and crossed the figure of positive cases by 55 thousand in at some point . consistent with the info released by the Ministry of Health, within the last 24 hours, 55,079 positive cases of coronavirus are reported and 779 people have died.

Coronavirus Updates India COVID Tally Crosses 16 Lakh Mark With the Highest Single Day Spike of 55079 Positive Cases and 779 Deaths in the Last 24 Hours

According to data from the Ministry of Health, Coronavirus has far and away the most important jump during a day in India. within the last 24 hours, with 55,079 cases of coronavirus, the entire corona cases within the country crossed 1.6 million to 16,38,871. the entire number of active cases is 5,45,318 in 16,38,871 cases of coronavirus. At an equivalent time, 35,747 people have lost their lives thus far . additionally , 10,57,806 are completely awarded the Corona category.

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  • Jul 31 2020
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