Increase Inbox Scolling Speed

Will be more productive.

The scrolling speed is too slow, I rather user the scroll bar than to actually scroll because I have to scroll like a thousand times to get anywhere. I'm running Linux Fedora 26.

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  • Sep 11 2017
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    1 Aug, 2019 10:07am

    Click on Accessibility in the System Preferences window. Look down and select Mouse and Trackpad from the menu on the left half of the Accessibility window. Drag the Scrolling speed slider to the right or left to speed up or slow down how quick you can look down on a page. I Need an Essay

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    18 Jul, 2019 04:44pm

    Completely agree.  I used to get almost immediate responses from my trouble tickets.  The last 3 trouble tickets I've submitted (2 for this EXACT BUG) have been met with complete radio silence.  Really wish I hadn't let my subscription auto-renew.  Development seems dead on this project.  It's a damn shame too because I loathe Outlook but looks like I'll be forced to use OWA moving forward.

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    17 May, 2019 12:32pm

    I think Hiri is dropped from development. There was no update for almost one year. They are just trying to get as much money as they can from this dying product with their sales.

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    14 May, 2019 12:31pm

    What is going on with this issue? Can we at least get an official response from the devs?

  • Guest commented
    29 Apr, 2019 11:42pm

    This issue is still a problem on POP OS

  • Guest commented
    24 Apr, 2019 02:34pm

    How is this still a bug after 1.5 years???  It can't honestly be that hard to fix

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    17 Apr, 2019 04:19pm

    Still have this issue in the snap install on pop os.

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    12 Apr, 2019 06:26pm

    An update on this would be much appreciated.

  • Guest commented
    14 Mar, 2019 03:22am

    I can't believe that this issue is NOT fixed since Sep' 2017. 

    Please advice for a ETA for the fix or  workaround..

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