Email delay send

I would like to see an equivalent facility to Boomerang on Outlook, where you can delay the sending of an email to a specified date and time.

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  • Nov 12 2017
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    Guest commented
    7 Nov, 2018 10:04am

    Has this been implemented? It would be really handy if it was already

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    David Power commented
    4 Dec, 2017 12:50pm

    Hi there,

    We're just in the process of changing how the Send action works in Hiri. Up until now we have submitted the Send request to the server immediately. We have now changed how this works - Send requests are stored in a log before they have been submitted to the server. This means that it is now possible to create a 'delay send' feature. 

    We will be launching a new version of Hiri this week with the change to Send included. Once we're happy there are no stability issues, we can then add this feature!

    Thanks for submitting.


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    Guest commented
    30 Nov, 2017 01:49am

    Dear Support Team,

    in Outlook, I have started to practice religiously to delay all emails by 5 minutes. This helps me to make some changes, I only remember after I "sent" an email, or "unsent" emails, where I clicked on send accidentally.
    So, this would be great, if you could implement such a "delayed sending" feature too.