Conversation summary with a "Last, First" name format in use looks wonky

I believe this only happens with the High Density and Two-Pane views.

All of the users in our GAL are in the "Last, First" format, and the summary view is trying to show a comma separated list of the members of the conversation, introducing extra commas.

If I had these users participating in an e-mail thread:

Bob Smith
Jack Ryan
Jill Roberts

It would summarize 3 e-mails with 3 participants like this:

Bob, Jack & Jill (3)

And that's great. But our users are in a "Last, First" format:

Smith, Bob
Ryan, Jack
Roberts, Jill

So it looks like this:

Smith,, Ryan, & Roberts,

Hiri would ideally automatically detect this name format and make it look like the first summary.

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  • Dec 15 2017
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