E-mails you send yourself showing up as unread in conversations

It's great that your own sent mail is automatically incorporated into the conversation, even when they're in a different folder (e.g., "Sent Items").

However, when the conversation updates to include it, they come in unread, making it appear that you're not up-to-date with the conversation. Hiri also asks you if you'd like to see the latest message in the conversation if you still have it open, even if it's the update you just sent yourself.

Hiri should include but otherwise assume you've already read any of your own mail.

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  • Dec 15 2017
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    19 Apr, 2018 11:30am


    the MAILS are read, however the THREAD is still bold (=unread)

    so, even with alias set, an incoming mail triggers the thread to be unread, even if the mails themselves are marked read.

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    19 Apr, 2018 08:38am

    Hi Dave,

    Thanks for your suggestion, although it doesn't seem to work for me.

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    David Power commented
    17 Apr, 2018 04:02pm

    Hi guys,

    Please see this article for help with this issue:



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    17 Apr, 2018 08:12am

    Same problem here. Pretty annoying. I frequently sent emails to a distributionlist of the whole company, which I'm member of aswell. When I receive my own e-mail I can't mark it as read. To be able to mark it as read I need to use my smartphone or owa. Hopefully this can be fixed soon.

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    13 Apr, 2018 10:09am


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    6 Feb, 2018 12:02am

    This is really annoying.  I send a reply, archive the message, then it appears again in my inbox a few moments later?  Doesn't make sense.