Focus on tray icon click

As Hiri now has option to be minimized to tray icon it would be nice to have that focus click with lmb.
Im using it on Debian Stretch with gnome 3 wayland and after i click with lmb on tray icon nothing happens. Like the application froze. I have to click rmb to show context menu and choose "show Hiri" option. It is still good but often i find myself clicking 2-3 times the icon to pop hiri window before i remember to open context menu or choose hiri from open apps bar.
Or maybe it works on other systems but not my gnome3 ;) and its just a bug.

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  • Jan 23 2018
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    11 Apr 10:04pm

    Yes, for me as well.

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    22 Dec, 2018 07:21pm

    Agree 100%.  This is a usability issue for me as well.