How to update Kindle e-reader software?

Kindle is growing its fan following at incredible speed because of its exciting features and peaceful reading facilities!! And if you are a Kindle user, you certainly know the value of Kindle e-reader software updates+1 (800) 920-7681 .

Generally, they have a date for an update in March, but just in case you have forgotten to update My Kindle, here is what you need to do next:

  • As you have already missed the chance to update, you have to log in to your system and download the latest Google update.

  • After that, you need to connect your Kindle with your network via USB cable and transfer the downloaded file to the device.

  • Once done, you need to disconnect the system and your Kindle by removing the USB cable and open the menu on your device.

  • Go to the Kindle settings on your home screen and click on the menu icon; you will find you updated your Kindle option.

  • Next, you need to click on the ok button, and Kindle will automatically download and restart your device.

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  • Feb 17 2021
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