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It would be nice to be able to click on an attachment and have it open with the default program rather than downloading to a folder and then having to go find it and open it from there.

Otherwise I appreciate the ability to have an easy-to-install-and-configure client that works with Exchange/Office365 so I don't have run my Windoze virtual with Outlook all the time.


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  • Feb 8 2018
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    14 Jun 09:33am

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    23 Mar, 2020 12:03pm


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    11 Sep, 2019 09:57pm

    This program SUCKS!  I can not open attachments.   ABANDON SHIP! BACK TO Outlook...which at least WORKS.


    E R Bittner

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    17 May, 2019 12:33pm

    I think Hiri is dropped from development. There was no update for almost one year. They are just trying to get as much money as they can from this dying product with their sales.

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    25 Apr, 2019 06:10am

    Yes please.  This is a must have.

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    23 Apr, 2019 03:53pm

    Hiri, can you comment on this idea? I think a lot of people need it..

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    15 Feb, 2019 04:03pm

    Has this feature been added?

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    9 Feb, 2019 08:44pm

    Would love this feature! Any updates Hiri?

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    13 Dec, 2018 02:23pm

    & Is Hiri doing something about this or paying no attention till we start switching to other apps that does this functionality with ease??

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    1 Oct, 2018 03:01pm

    Also ability to open attached EML files directly in Hiri would be great ;)

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    13 Sep, 2018 02:29pm

    Must have!

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    10 Sep, 2018 12:46pm

    Hiri uses OS default application for the given file type. In Windows, you should click on the file and in properties tab change or define a handler. On Linux, you would put something like this in the $HOME/.mailcap:

    aapplication/pdf; evince '%s

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    10 Sep, 2018 12:44pm


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    14 Aug, 2018 03:51pm

    Even just opening my file manager to the downloaded file's directory would be handier than the current behavior.

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    9 Aug, 2018 03:36pm

    Agreed - this is so frustrating to have to download and then open to view

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    14 Jun, 2018 06:51pm

    This is sorely missing. The voicemails I get forwarded from my phone system are another good use of this.

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    7 Jun, 2018 07:58am

    I can confirm that the feature exists when installing on linux from tarball. Don't know why it is not available on the snap version, since the files are in any case temporarily saved inside the home direcotry.

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    18 May, 2018 09:24am

    As everyone else, agree.  This is a definate.  

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    8 May, 2018 01:53pm

    Yes please this is really needed.

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    25 Apr, 2018 12:26pm

    This is a must to be honest.
    i get 5-10 pdf's a day that i  need to verify the information in. But don't want to save on my hard drive.

    let me open that in my default pdf-reader, or predefined reader from the settings. 
    I think this is important

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