option to view original source/headers of message

This would be great, especially I suspect that a significant and growing proportion of your clients are developers on Linux. We guys have to see this kind of stuff. Perhaps you could use the same structure that pops a message into its own window, but you could send a parameter to append the headers and show them and the message wrapped in <pre></pre> tags (if your viewer is expecting html).

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  • Mar 5 2018
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    27 Jan, 2020 01:16pm

    Its a pain, I've stopped using Hiri because of this - there's no way to get hold of headers, and I need to do this fairly often. Even being able to save a mail as .eml and then read in a text editor would be an improvement

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    28 May, 2019 04:35pm

    Was surprised to find that this isn't a thing... when something goes wrong with an email system, people are often asked to send the full message source with headers.. figured this would be fundamental

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    16 May, 2019 06:03pm

    Lack of this is infuriating. It's not so hard to offer up a window with the raw text. It's 2019, where is this feature?

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    14 Nov, 2018 03:28pm

    As an email administrator, this is vital functionality.

    I guess I will need to keep using Evolution in parallel to Hiri until some crucial functionality has been added.

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    10 Jul, 2018 02:40pm

    Agree that this feature should not mimic OWA or Outlook's method of viewing headers.  Please make it easy, complete, and open in a new window that can easily be copy/pasted, if needed. This functionality is crucial for IT workers like me.

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    26 Apr, 2018 08:04am

    Yes! From a fellow developer who really wants to rely on Hiri.

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    25 Apr, 2018 12:30pm

    this is needed!

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    19 Apr, 2018 08:52am

    please not like OWA, where you need to copypaste the headers, because the window is so small!