Make it open source so we can help

Many unanswered questions, tips, topics, and ideas, make it open source so we can merge some ideas together with git

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  • Mar 27 2018
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    May 21, 2018 17:48

    This would be fantastic. I get not wanting to release the secret sauce, but being open source doesn't mean you give up any and all control over the software. I'd happily still pay $100+ for a lifetime license even if I could plausibly build from source and get it for free. The value of this software is to professionals with a few bucks to spare who don't want to goof around getting their Outlook/365 working and would rather part with the cash than their time.


    @Hiri support: If you're feeling cautious, I'd recommend speaking with the team over at RedHat to get ideas about how you could continue offering a premium Enterprise product for a fee and still be Open Source.

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    27 Apr 14:24

    Terrific idea -- why not let the community pitch in.  It doesn't have to be open "source" per se, but more of collaborative development, even on just certain non-critical parts, or event as invite-only contributors.  "embrace, extend then innovate"