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What to do if the Kindle is having audio trouble?
Call us for Kindle troubleshooting +1-800-397-1044 it’s our toll-free number . In this Kindle troubleshooting web page, we are going to solve one such trouble that could be very disheartening for every individual. Here we are talking about the broken audio jack or audio related problem of Kindle devices.

So here are the things that you must-do if you are facing either of the condition:

● Open the Kindle and from the home screen, click on the setting.
● Once you open the settings, you will get a list of things that can be helpful in the future.
● There you need to search for the audio settings and check whether it is enabled or not?
● If not enabled, then please enable it by clicking on the 'ON' tab.
● If you have a broken audio jack that is causing you trouble with listening to whatever your Kindle is showing, then you certainly need professional help for Kindle repair services.

If your Kindle is demanding physical repair services, you can contact us anytime on our toll-free number designated to solve any such issues.

Once you register your problem with our employees, we will be providing you with kindle repair and troubleshooting steps without any failure!!

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  • Mar 30 2021
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