Customizable notifications

I know Hiri already has some basic notifications, but it would be great to have some improvements. My ideas:


1. enable/disable notifications for sub-folders as well (only the top-level folder emails are showing notifications right now)

2. settiing custom notification timeouts (right now it seems that they appear until I click on them - using awesomeWM)

3. making the tray icon do some animation / change color / show a badge after a notification was sent, while the window is not focused again

4. making the notification command customizable (set the command that is invoked  - so custom user scripts could handle notifications in various ways - this would also solve idea nr. 2)


ps. Also I don't mind if these features are accessible through a config file instead of the UI.

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  • Jun 7 2018
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    23 Jan 14:28

    This would be a great addition. Being able to mute notifications from a specific account or folder would be awesome.