5 reasons why sleep is good for your brain

Student life is not easy without professional essay writing help from https://essaymap.org/ and even less when it comes to fulfilling activities that require cognitive effort. Therefore, take advantage of your vacation to sleep because after these 5 reasons, you will know how important it is for your brain.

Sleeping becomes an essential and essential part of the body and especially for the brain and these are the reasons:

1. Restoration of neuronal systems

The brain recovers when dreaming, that is, when achieving a restful sleep; While the sleep restriction only reduces the effects on the development of activities during the day, so you could feel tired or sluggish. In addition, according to a study published in Nature communications, it appears that during the rest period, nerve cells would repair accumulated DNA damage throughout wakefulness.

2. Recharge your body with energy

This process takes place during the stages that make up. specifically in the fourth, where the body is absolutely relaxed, loses muscle tone, and, therefore, dreams are charged with a feeling of lightness; the person feels like they are flying, floating, or unable to move.

3. Prevents the emergence of metabolic diseases

Metabolic syndrome is defined as a set of metabolic disorders, among others, visceral obesity, impaired glucose metabolism, and high blood pressure. All of them increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Several observational studies investigated the association between poor sleep and the prevalence of metabolic syndrome.

4. You create neurotransmitters, new cells, and hormones

The first of the two-deep stages last 20% of the night, it is where the body restores itself, where we produce hormones, neurotransmitters, and new cells.

5. Your life expectancy will be higher

Linked to the previous point, adequate cell regeneration is essential for our metabolic age to be correct. That is, sleeping and achieving deep sleep will help you appear your real age.

The evils of not sleeping well

Do you have trouble sleeping or do you wake up intermittently at night? This could be due to a sleep disorder. Insomnia is listed as the principal disorder there, while the latter is attributed to apnea, which involves constant interruptions in breathing during the sleep cycle.

Today there are 20 known causes associated with insomnia, including stress, lifestyle, and daily demands. And it is that sleep restriction is a common practice in modern society, this is due to a wide range of factors: medical conditions, sleep disorders, work, and academic demands, social and domestic responsibilities.

How long do you need to sleep to strengthen the brain?

In addition, according to the specialist, the best time to sleep according to the geography of the USA is between 11 PM and 7 AM.

The four stages make up a sleep cycle, in which every 90 minutes you dream and every 90 minutes you wake up briefly to start the period again, said the specialist. Depending on how many hours a person sleeps and if they complete the cycle, they will rest better and this is where the first, second, third, fourth, and fifth dreams arise.

“The famous fifth dream is the important, the most elaborate, the one that restores and to which few reach. Most of the people reach it during the weekends or on rest days, since this is when you can get a little more sleep and this time represents the hours that we really should sleep every day. We know sleep deprivation as sleep debt, "he said.

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  • Jun 7 2021
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