Sometimes human-human friendship gets too complicated, there’s less discussion, complains and trust issues in between. If we are planning to see a friend, we are supposed to schedule time to see our human friends, or worse, bearing up their bratty kids while we want to have pretty cool conversation and a meal.

Let's face it, our real best friends are animals, reasons are as under;

  • Animal Friend Listen attentively to our complaints:

Animals are the real ones who don’t argue when we have to complain, they peacefully listen to it and respond in a much better way, regardless of human who got angry or out of anger take some unusual decisions.

  • Animals Give Authentic Advices:

Everyone of us know that animals especially dogs are best judges of character so they help us with this too us about what is good for us and what not, they even judge human as well. While if we ask an honest advice from a human friend he would respond according to their needs regardless of the situation.

So better to go on animals advice.

  • Carefree Conversation:

Animal friends offer carefree conversations, you’re free to talk and share whatever you want they wont judge you at all, instead will help you in decreasing your anxiety and depression. They are pretty good at responding so will respond accordingly and will make you feel relax.

4-They Make Sure, We Don’t Miss Workout:

Animals make us schedule a proper routine, they want to go on walk daily, so if on someday we are lacking in motivation or don’t want to go they take us out of the room, make us do our work out and help us in increasing exercise ,which not only help us in turning our mood on, de-stress us, giving relief from depression, let us live the moment, stay happy and joyful.

  • Be the Best Companions:

If you’re in mood to travel, and none of your human friend is free or want to go at this time then there is nothing to worry about you have your very best friend your pet, take it with you.

But for this you have to take a licensed which is an emotional support animal letting which allows you take an ESA with you, for an “get emotional support animal letterget one from they are providing it.

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  • Jun 15 2021
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