Archive emails to offline folders on computer



I'd like to see hiri add functionality to allow users to archive emails to an offline folder. 


- User should be able to specify an archive policy per folder and at a global level

- The archive policy should allow the user to archive emails based on different parameters: receive date, sent date, email size, has attachment etc...

- User should be able to specify multiple local archive folders 
- The archived emails should be in a format that can be imported into hiri at a later date (similar to pst files in outlook)

The reason behind this request is: Many of us use exchange accounts with limited space on the server. Without the ability to archive emails locally, it is not possible to only use hiri, since the exchange server account will continue to grow until it hits the limit. To work around this, many hiri users are forced to either delete emails (which is not desirable especially in a corporate setting) or use another mail client that supports archiving emails to local computer folders (like evolution).



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  • Oct 26 2018
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    November 23, 2018 15:08

    +1.  This is a much needed feature.  Especially in corporate environments where many emails need to be kept and simply cannot be deleted.

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    09 Apr 17:07

    Agreed - this is going to be the reason I need to avoid Hiri..  Please support archiving.