Don't exit Hiri process when closing window on MacOS

In general on MacOS, when the red X is clicked, the current window is closed but the application stays running. With Hiri, the entire application is stopped instead, which means I do not get alerts when emails come in or when calendar appointments are approaching. Further, I tried to use the "Show Hiri in System Tray" and "Close to System Tray" options from the Settings menu, but they do not seem to work with MacOS. Either changing the default behavior or having those options work in MacOS would fix the issue. As it is, 1 week into my Hiri trial I have missed appointments and emails because Hiri does not behave like all other Mac apps in this regard. I like Hiri so far, but having to remember that this single app behaves differently than all the others could be a deal-breaker, especially when it leads to missed meetings and being out of the loop.

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  • Nov 1 2018
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    05 Mar 08:15

    I would like to see the same behavior option as Outlook where the user has to explicitly quit Hiri. Closing simply closes the window.