View calendars of others in organisation

On the web version of outlook, at the university I am working at, I can search for the calendars of others, and show their calendar as an additional calendar alongside mine. This is useful for checking when others might be free before sending calendar invites to arrange meetings.

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  • Nov 8 2018
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    14 Nov, 2018 01:49am

    I also support this idea. It makes it difficult to schedule a meeting with others if you're not sure when they're free/available, but we shouldn't go overboard in keeping with Hiri's design philosophy of spending less time in your email and more time doing work or being productive.

    Maybe something like a popup window that shows the other person's calendar when you go to schedule a meeting and add them to the invite?

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    9 Nov, 2018 08:04am

    I support these idea. Especially at a company its a useful feature to get calendars via automapping.