How to write a movie critique

Imagine a situation: you are sitting with friends and discussing a film, but you strongly disagree that the film is "fantastic", you did not like it. Music, color grading or acting - doesn't matter. It's just that you are not impressed by the film and you are upset. So, I cannot guarantee a solution to this problem, but why not occasionally gather with friends and "criticize films". That is, first watch the "bad" films, try to discuss why they are bad. Later, you can discuss "ordinary" or even "good" films in the same way. I write in quotation marks because we’re used to labels. Good - Bad. But it won't always be that way.

So, we come to the most interesting: how to write a movie critique and what is it? So, what is criticism? Well, this is a certain look at the work, when you notice every detail, including the bad, and analyze why it is bad. Next, you share your opinion.

Why is this a good practice? First, you can take a critical look at the film. Secondly, you can find people who agree with your opinion. And thirdly, it can become an engine for directors and screenwriters and encourage them to self-development.

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  • Jul 21 2021
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