- its not possible to get updates on Twitter, only some "we still developing it"

- For almost 1 year not development

- Update-checking is not longer possible, I guess the servers are gone?

So please: Is Hiri alive? What are you doing? Can we help you?

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  • May 22 2019
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    23 May 19:41

    Love Hiri and was on a serious roll, looks like got a bit stuck but have a whole community who would love to jump in I'm sure if looking for help :) Do wish saw some more communication though on it as does look like halted all of 2019, haven't given up hope though!

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    20 Jun 10:13

    Thanks for this comment. I was almost gonna buy it :)

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    22 Jun 15:42

    To be honest:
    I am in a company with 500 colleagues. I was looking for an alternative to Outlook as some of our colleagues wanna use Linux. Hiri is looking really good to me. So good, I wanna spent time to improve it for free! But every time I contact them and offer my help I get no response.
    - No roadmap
    - No incremental releases
    - No updates, what are they working on

    The only thing I found on Twitter: The argue to work on the Gmail integration for now almost a year or so?

    Even wiki says, they probably not working on it anymore:

    So the options are:

    1. They working on a big stunning release which will really blow us away: I doubt that because there is not hint at all. Nothing. As a developer I share my incremental progress from time to time to keep folks curious
    2. The wanna milk us, but dropped development: For economical reasons I can understand this... somehow. An evidence for this: The banner on the hiri website. "50% off. You'll never see this offer again." is there for almost every day?
      I for my own would happily spent 10$/month for a product, which is used by me everyday, improves my workflow and if developers really offering solutions for problems. In fact: Hiri mail could be an excellent alternative to Evolution mail with EWS plugin
    3. One-Man-Hamster-Wheel: They have not enough developers - or in the worst case just one man, who does everything. Then ist hard to keep up your motivation as your vacation seems to "drop" development and support. Its possible to get out of such a situation with sponsors and startup fonds, but I have no Idea how many people are behind this project anymore. At least on their blog ( ) only David Power is posting

    There is so much potential in this app. Lets hope for the best... 

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    24 Jun 19:16

    I'm wondering the same thing. I have a paid subscription and have submitted multiple bug reports. Where I got some responses around the turn of the year, those have dropped of completely over the last couple of months.


    It's a really good client that just needs a little more love to not be problematic. I'm bummed to see it not get updated or maintained.

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    02 Jul 09:13

    Likewise. I only paid for this HIri a few months ago, on one of their "never to be repeated" deals. I wouldn't have done if I'd known the product was (apparently) dead, with some basic usability issues. 

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    22 Jul 02:32

    I've been attempting to end my subscription for months.  Zero response from anybody... I'm changing requesting a new card from my bank to end this subscription.  Ridiculous.  Fucking ridiculous.



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    24 Jul 14:55

    Yeah the silence from the business is concerning.  At this point I don't want to pay for it anymore if there isn't any development going on.  I purposely subscribed to support the development of this product.  If that has stopped, then I will support evolution which as pretty good EWS support.


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    12 Aug 13:19

    Same here, looks like the product not maintained any more.  Paid few months ago and tried to get respond without success.