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Nagasaki, capital and biggest city of Nagasaki ken (prefecture), western Kyushu, Japan, situated at the mouth of the Urakami-gawa (Urakami River) where it exhausts into Nagasaki-kō (Nagasaki Harbor). The harbor is made out of a restricted, profound cut straight, framed at the gathering point of Nomo-saki (Cape Nomo; south) and Nishisonoki-hantō (Nishisonoki Peninsula; northwest). The city is formed like an amphitheater, with its slanted roads and layered houses sticking to the slopes that encase the internal straight. Recovered land at bayside and the Urakami Basin give some level land. Albeit the discernment is that the city is absolutely present day and reconstructed since 1945, really Nagasaki has various regions where old structures and sanctuaries remain.

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